Guess the Movie!! One Story/Four Icons

For the design assignment One Story/Four Icons I had a hard time deciding what movie to do. I was thinking of a classic like Star Wars but I have already done plenty of assignments based on that. Then I was trying to think of some comedies that would be good to do four icons with. Then it came to me an infamous scene from a famous movie. Thanks to the nounproject website finding all the icons I needed was simple. I actually had a bit of trouble unzipping the icons once I downloaded them, so I opened them into paint and then re-saved them as JPEGs. Then I moved all four of my icons into google docs and saved the file.

This was a movie I saw for the first time when I was a freshman in high school. A few friends of mine wanted to watch it and I did not regret watching the movie one bit. Instead of us just playing video games as usual they thought it would be cool to watch a movie and none of us had seen it. It came out in 1994 so it had been out for a while by then but it was already a movie that many people considered a classic movie. It was exciting and hilarious at the same time. My friends mom ordered us all some pizzas so we sat around watching this movie and did end up playing some video games later as well as enjoying the pizza it was a pretty cool night. This has to be one of my favorite movies, not just because of the nights association but also because the movie was so kick ass! I don’t want to say to much and give the movie away but this movie also has one of my favorite actors in it as well.

Pulp Fiction

Photo Credits:

Pasquale Cavorsi: Couple

Erik Wagner: Gun

Jinju Jang: Fast-Food

Ben Cunningham: Briefcase

This assignment is worth 2.5 stars.