Killswitch Engage Mashup

I was looking through Mashup Assignments and saw the 10 Second Song Mashup. I thought this would be great. Unfortunately my laptop has been running very poorly since we did all the work with video assignments so I had to use my sister’s laptop to download audacity and give this assignment a whirl. My sister’s speakers were very poor so I had to do recordings through my phone which made things pretty annoying but I was able to get a mashup of some of my favorite Killswitch songs into one place.

I have been listening to Killswitch Engage since at least middle school and they have been one of my favorite bands for a long time. The songs that I decided to use for this were:

The Arms of Sorrow

Rose of Sharyn


My Curse

At this point I feel pretty used to Audacity and feel much more comfortable using it than I am video software. I know the quality was not amazing here but it also was not the equipment that I normally work so I had to improvise. I am hoping that my laptop is running at tip top shape soon so I can go back to doing assignments in a place I am more used to.

I put some of my favorite songs into this mashup. It was hard to figure out what parts of the song that I should play since each song was only really getting a 2 or 3 second preview. It is just about impossible to judge a song from that short of a time period. I hope that everyone does enjoy this mashup and gives Killswitch Engage a listen since they are a good band and I have enjoyed listening to them for quite some time.