Me, Myself and I

The required video assignment for this week was Have a conversation with yourself. This assignment was just about Impossible for me. Since I use Windows I could not figure out a way to edit the video’s that way. I tried downloading the latest version of MovieMaker, it didn’t help, I tried to download a plug-in that was supposed to allow me to clone myself, it wouldn’t download.

Eventually I gave up and used my friends mac. Even using that it would still incredibly difficult. Timing when to speak in each video was an absolute challenge and then once I had both videos I could not get myself to show up clearly no matter how I fooled around with the colors. Combining the videos was no problem since you just have to drag them over each other but the real challenge was to just make it look real. I decided to just make the video in black in white-ish color instead to hide some of the mistakes that were made but it didn’t help.

For the dialogue of the clip I just decided to talk to myself a little bit about stuff that I am usually doing on the weekend. I thought it would be fun to wear different outfits, so I took off my hat and put on a different one and also wore a paper mustache for comic relief.

This was absolutely the hardest assignment I have had to do in digital storytelling. I have to say this assignment shook my confidence a little bit and hopefully on future videos I will do a lot better. You can watch it down below but try not to judge me too hard.