Minimalist Aqua Teen Poster

For the Minimalist TV Poster assignment I decided to make a minimalist poster of one of my favorite tv shows, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (also known by several other names if you know the show). This show is one of my favorites because it always funny things going on. The humor is generally dark humor, but always sometimes just stupid comedy where they just talk about nonsense. To truly capture the show I needed to include the whole gang in one minimalist poster. They are what the show is all about. This show, for those of you who don’t watch it is about a meatball named Meatwad, a floating box of fries named Frylock, and a milkshake named Master Shake. They all live in a house in New Jersey and get into some weird antics usually do to a revolving door of side characters.

I have quite a few favorite episodes from this show but an example of a clip from this show is scene where Meatwad ends up joining the marines and ends up getting Shake wrapped up in the military also. Keep in mind that this show is not for kids so do not watch this if you any youngsters around. That being said I probably started watching this show in middle school….

To make the poster I just added images into google docs and cropped images together into one file. I found an image of Master Shake but for the other two I decide to use an image of a meatball and fries and then post their faces on top of those other images. It was a fun getting the poster all set up especially because I love the show. The assignment is worth 3.5 stars.

Aqua teen hunger force