My Unsuspecting Friends

I decided to take pictures of my friends at moments where they were not paying attention. Once you have photos of them make a collage of the photos. I decided that this was a moderately easy assignment and definitely a visual assignment, so I made it worth 2 stars. Some people may not know about photo collage programs or apps to let you do this thats why I made the decision about the stars.

Unsuspecting friends

Give the assignment Unsuspecting Friends a try. Hopefully you can get your friends doing things besides just fooling around on the internet unlike mine!


First take some picture of your friends when they aren’t suspecting it. I took the photos with my phone in this case.


Next open up an app or program that allows you to make photo collages. The program that I used was called Photo Collage. From there you can select an collage style that you want to use. This app actually has a lot of different options for it. I chose one that I liked and that would fit the four pictures I chose.


From this point all you have to do it touch the areas on the collage and put the pictures in the spots that you please.


Once you have all the pictures in place like I do in the final version, you just click the save button, and it will get saved to where ever you please. So I saved it and uploaded it to flickr so that it would be easy to get the picture onto wordpress.