New England BruPats

For my third Mashup assignment I did the Favorite Teams Mashup. I decided to combine some of my favorite Boston sports teams together. I combined the New England Patriots logo with the Boston Bruins logo using gimp. I wasn’t sure which teams I should combine but I ended up going with a couple of retro logos from each of the teams. I used the retro Patriots logo and an alternate retro Bruins logo. I thought it would be pretty generic to just combine a couple of the logos used now.

I found the classic Pat the Patriot logo that they used to use and inserted as a layer into gimp. Then I added in the Bruins Bear logo in and put it over Pat the Patriot’s head. Then I was able to merge layers.


I like the way it came out. It looks a little goofy but I think its pretty funny hopefully you all enjoy the mashup of these two logos.