Obi-Wan’s Final Battle

Using the ds106 remix generator I got an assignment where you write about a scene with multiple characters but write about the perspectives and emotions of one of the other characters in the scene. That original assignment was Different point of view- same place. The trick is for my remix I got play it back Jack The Sequel which means that I have to do the assignment in reverse.

I decided to write about the scene/sequence of events where Obi-Wan Kenobi allows himself to be sacrificed to Darth Vader in front of Luke. You only get to hear what Luke and his companions have to say during this series of events so I thought it would be interesting to write out some of the emotions and actions that were going on inside of Obi-Wan’s head. I do have to do the whole sequence backwards now though… so good luck to me.

I feel the lightsaber pierce my body and suddenly I vanish I am gone and am no more. Hopefully what I have done allows Luke to become more powerful. If he can just find Master Yoda then he can complete his Jedi training and stop his father.

There is Luke I know what I have to do. If I let Vader strike me down then Luke will have all the motivation he needs to defeat Darth Vader once and for all. I’m sorry you have to see this Luke but I am doing this for you. Only you have the potential and strength to stop your father and the empire once and for all. I wish I could have stayed and showed you more ways of the Jedi but I know you are a capable young man and will be able to handle yourself.

This isn’t getting any easier. Hopefully Luke has found his way back to that ship by now. I can only stall so long against Vader.

Darth Vader will not get away with what he has done. The countless lives he has destroyed, the people who have had to suffer. The wife he lost. I realize he is a man who is suffering, but he let himself be consumed by the dark side. If only he had listened to me all those years ago. Love can drive a man to do crazy things, he was the chosen one. He was supposed to stop the Sith, not join them, but maybe his real destiny had something to do with Luke.

This is a tough fight. He seems to have gotten much stronger and gained more powers in the force since our last encounter. I still cannot believe his alive after falling into that lava. This will not be an easy battle and I’m aware this will be the last time that I ever engage in combat again. Luke needs to escape this station before I am defeated though. I know I can stall out this battle but only for so long. I knew he would be looking for me since we have that master and apprentice bond. He sensed me the moment we were on his ship. It was trouble for me to be here to rescue Leia. Luckily the whole plan was not ruined. Those two really need each other.

There is Anakin. I knew he would find me. It was only a matter of time. I wonder why he would let me help Luke escape? He has changed a lot since the last I saw of him. He is more machine than man now. I can feel his pain, it has a powerful aura. With Padme gone, I don’t know what he is fighting for any more. Does he truly wish to rule the galaxy with his son? Luke the fate of the galaxy truly rests in your hands…

This was a fun assignment for me. Writing creatively can be difficult but when I have somewhat of a prompt I can generally figure out what I should be doing. It was not too difficult for me to pick out a scene. When I doubt I go with my favorite movies the Star Wars films and this is a classic scene that most people who haven’t even seen the films are aware of. Writing the whole scene backwards was a little bit awkward because that isn’t how writing is normally done, although maybe George Lucas would argue that with me. I could learn a thing or too from his style of writing though, he certainly has mastered the style of writing films out of order.