Remixes vs Mashups

Since I was home for Thanksgiving Break I decided that it would be a good idea to talk to my sister about remixes and mashups. We both felt pretty unclear on what remixes were going into it. We each thought that we knew what it was but then we check out some videos of remixes and we felt that it was hard to tell the difference between the two. Perhaps they are not always mutually exclusive.

We first watched Star Wars call me maybe. My sister was not really into the video but I found it funny as a Star Wars fan. It seems like a lot of hard work to put a video together like that  because you have to be aware of the dialogue of every character throughout the entire movie. My sister did not like the sound of it however because it was a bunch of sound bites pieced together so she felt that it sounded kind of awkward and this was one of the examples that made her feel unclear of what a remix and mashup were.

My sister and I also watched the Can’t Tase this, the remix of the MC Hammer. We were both amused by this video and thought that it was a great example of a mashup. We had a good time watching that video. We also watched the Down on Me video. We were amused by that video as well but were not sure if it was a remix or mashup.

After watching all these examples and talking it out with my sister, my opinions of remixes have changed. When thinking of remixes before I only thought of music artists who altered songs but now I know that you can do remixes of other things as well such as videos. It seems to me that mashups are a type of remix since it seems much too difficult to distinguish a difference between them. A mashup does seem to be less altering than most remixes though. A mashup seems to keep the original piece and put it together with others.