Star Wars: A Disturbance in the Force

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

Not long after the events that take place on Mustafar, where Obi-Wan Kenobi duels and defeats Anakin Skywalker, his former apprentice rendering him burnt and left for dead, the Sith lord Darth Sidious rebuilds Anakin. Under Anakin’s new name, Darth Vader he begins a quest to wipe out any remaining jedi that were not killed from order 66. Darth Sidious continues to teach Darth Vader the ways of the dark side.

Darth Vader was easily able to crush the jedi that he was assigned to kill. He traveled to several different planets around the galaxy. He met very little resistance, and meanwhile the project of the newly formed Galactic Empire, The Deathstar was continuing to progress. On Darth Vader’s latest return to the Deathstar he receives some very interesting news…

Darth Vader walks down the hallways of the Deathstar. The space station remained under construction but parts of it were thoroughly built well enough to hold in oxygen. Vader walked by many different officers and storm troopers, all of them saluted him as he walked by greeting him followed my lord. Vader could sense the intimidation in the officers who walked by, not knowing what to expect from this all mighty Sith lord. One officer did his salute to Vader and proceeded to engage him in conversation.

Officer: “Lord Vader, The Emperor has requested your presence.”

Vader: “Thanks, I will meet with him immediately.”

The officer nods to him and starts to walk away. Vader begins to walk in the direction of Darth Sidious’s office. The black floors had a certain shine to them and all that could be heard was the sound of Vader’s breathing down the long hallway.

Darth Vader reaches the door to the Emperor’s office. Two figures covered in hooded robes from head to toe were standing in front of the gigantic door and holding very long pole, that had some purple device at each end of the pole. The two warriors steps aside and the door opened automatically as Vader approached. He proceeded to walk into the room and meet with his master. Vader did a quick bow before him and rose back up.

Sidious: “My young apprentice, I have a new task for you.”

Vader: “What is it my Lord?”

Darth Sidious reached into his robe and grabbed a communicator out. He handed it to Vader.

Sidious: “I have prepared you to take a tie fighter, no storm troopers shall be accompanying you on this journey.”

Vader: “Is it just one jedi? I am used to taking on many more.”

Sidious: “Do not take this one lightly, you will find him more of a challenge than any other jedi knight you have fought before.”

Darth Vader left the room and headed towards the docking bay where the tie fighters were located. Vader had one unique from the ships of the general storm troopers. Vader walked down the hallways passing more officers and soldiers. Once he reached the docking bay he saw many storm troopers around performing maintenance on their tie fighters and many a few ships were coming in and out from doing patrols. Vader slowly made his way towards his own tie fighter. Once he was inside his tie fighter he pulled the communicator and activated to see who he what Jedi he was going to have to be taking on.


Yoda graphic

The graphic revealed that it was his former Jedi master and the leader of the Jedi council, the one who had rejected him from the council in the first place. The information showed Darth Vader that Yoda had been hiding out in the Dagobah system. With this information in his hands Darth Vader made his leave of the Deathstar.

Vader guided his fighter through a field of asteroids. He masterfully made his way around asteroids that were clustered very heavily. His piloting abilities were shown on a full scale. Suddenly he received an incoming message on his ships transmitter. It was an officer speaking on behalf of Darth Sidious.

Officer: “Lord Vader, the Emperor wonders why you are not traveling to the objective right now.”

Vader: “… tell the Emperor that there is something that I must do first.”


Darth Vader shut off the transmitter on his ship to cut off communication between him and the Deathstar. Vader was in the process of landing his ship on Coruscant. He landed his ship where the rest of the imperials keep their fighters and exited. He was greeted by some diplomats of the empire. “Lord Vader what an unexpected surprise this is.”

Vader replied to them that he had to attend to something urgently and brushed them off going on his way. One of the diplomats urgently wished to speak with him and chased after him. Vader used his force powers to choke him for a few seconds and then drop him back to the ground. The diplomat then ran off leaving Vader to go on his way.

Darth Vader walked down the street, a few storm troopers had stepped out of the building and accompanied Vader. He allowed their presence and made his way down the street. People and other life forms that were going by were struck with fear by the sight of this group. Vader made his way towards a pile of rubble that formerly was the home of the Jedi Order. Vader waved a hand to the storm troopers indicating that they should wait here.

Vader walked away from them and headed towards the destruction. He was out of sight from the soldiers. The building itself still stood but was wrecked on the inside, carpets were torn up, pillars had chips and breaks in them, hollow books were thrown about. Marks could be seen on the walls from blaster shots.

Suddenly a child in a tan padawan costume approached Vader. The child tugged on Vader’s black cape. Vader turned to look at the child. The child said to Vader “Master Skywalker what will we be learning today?” Vader turned and reached towards the child but he disappeared.

Vader re-emerges outside and the storm troopers walk him back to his tie fighter and he leaves. This time when he gets a message on his transmitter it is from the emperor himself.

Sidious: “I sensed your force, have you reached Dagobah yet?”

Vader: “I’m almost there my master.”

Sidious: “Why was the force reacting so strongly with you my apprentice?”

Vader: “…”

Sidious: “Let the hate flow through you my apprentice, only then will your true powers be unleashed.”

The communication ended. Vader had reached Dagobah. The planet was nothing but swamp. Vader stepped out of his ship and onto the ground. The ground was very moist and messy. Vader slowly made his way around searching for any sign of his former master. He heard a branch crack, but he looked around to see nothing. He continued to press further onwards in this swamp of a planet.

After walking around a little bit longer, he came across a simple made merely of heavy branches, it was put together with skill. It was a very small home however. Vader used the force to push down the front door. He crouched low and looked inside but saw nothing.

All of the sound of a lightsaber turns on, instinctively Vader turns his on as he feels himself being pushed back by the force of two feet pounding against his chest. Vader clashes his lightsaber against a green one and sees yoda for the first time. In Yoda’s other free hand he force pushes Vader back and kicks off of him flipping upside down and landing on the ground gracefully.

Yoda: “Come to defeat me you must be.”

Vader: “You stand no chance against me you old fool!”

Yoda: “About that we shall see.”


The two began to resume fighting. Lightsabers continued to clash violently and Yoda hopped around bouncing all over the place between each clash. It was clear that Yoda had not lost any of his skill with the force or with a lightsaber. The two were very evenly matched. Vader shot force lightning at Yoda, but Yoda absorbed and shot it back at Vader. Darth Vader was able to stop the lightning attack with his lightsaber and quickly tried to strike at Yoda once again but to no avail.

Vader used the force to grab a very large tree trunk and hurl towards Yoda. Yoda was able to dodge it though. The trunk of the tree hurled through the woods destroying numerous trees and wild life. Yoda used the force to form a large ball of energy, while vader charged up a large amount of force lightning. The two released their attacks at the same time. The two attacks reached other very quickly and collided. Each of them started to pour more and more energy into the attack. Each was using tons of power and suddenly the force of both of their attacks exploded hurling both of them backwards and knocking both of them down. When Vader had arose from being knocked down he looked around and could not see Yoda. He also could not sense his force.

Vader: “The old man must have spent all his energy, he is going to be weak now.”

Vader made his way back towards his tie fighter. He got in and begins communication with Darth Sidious, master he is not dead but severely weak, he will never be a threat to the empire. “Good my apprentice.” He replied to him. After the communication Vader flew his tie fighter off the planet.

Off in the distance of Dagobah Yoda sits in a tree and looks towards the stars in the night sky.

Yoda: “Lost he is, but New Hope on the way it is.”

Movie Review: You can read what people on Amazon had to say about this movie. The reviews were mainly compliments of the mastery of the film, you can read it all here. I hope that you all enjoy the “movie” as much as I enjoyed making it! Laceman out! have a good Winter Break!