The daily creates

For my first daily create I made a haiku called working hard or hardly working?

Working hard every day
People tell you it pays off
Results still awaited

Down below is my Safe Haven

My Safe Haven

Next I made a magnetic fridge photo poem which I called the interwebs.

The Interwebs

For the Fourth daily create I made a flag for my own Country Lacetopia

My Flag

Next I wrote a parking ticket in the style of a poet. I called the poem the Shakespearean Ticket

I know you were late
For an important date

Your reservations
To meet her expectations

Hopefully this was worth it
Because you’ll pay from pocket

Giving tickets always is fun
To guys who are on the run

Forget to pay the meter
Suffer the Consequences

The final daily create I made was how I got my internet life started. I reminisce about it down below.

My web life started a long time ago I was probably in middle school or so. I had learned how to play poker a while ago and was taking my skills online to a website called JetSet Poker. Unfortunately it no longer exists but my younger cousin and I would spend hours on the site playing in tournaments of Texas hold’em with people from around the country having conversations with random people. Of course I would never tell any of these people my real age at that time but going on there was always a fun time. Since then I have gone on to play poker much more with people in person and can’t stand playing online but it is nice to look back at and reminisce.