The Giving Tree

I decided to the Children’s Book Cover assignment worth 3 stars. As a kid there was one book that I would always have my Mom and Grammy read to me. It is a book that I will likely read to my own kids. This book is The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein. It is a pretty sad book actually about a tree that will do anything for this young boy. The boy used to sit in the tree’s shade and swing from its branches but as he gets older he starts taking from the tree. He takes branches to build a home and he just keeps taking things from the tree until the tree becomes nothing more than a stump. The tree is sad and misses the boy and finally at the end young boy comes back as an old man sits on the stump.

To make the cover I ended up drawing most of the picture in paint. After drawing everything I put the photo into gimp cropped it a little bit and then added the title into the picture and the author’s name.

The Giving Tree updated