Weekly Summary (8/31)

This week was a learning process for me all across the board. I am new to pretty much every site that I’m using. I started out by making twitter. People had been telling me to make one for a while so I had this coming. It was pretty simple to navigate twitter. Flickr was a nice process for me since I already had a yahoo account. So I just signed in and started uploading some pictures. The same process happened for youtube since I had a gmail account that I hadn’t really used I just signed in through that. Last I created soundcloud which is a little confusing but I have been able to repost some music that I like through it. I am still learning how that one works but I will figure it out at some point. I’ve been told that it is a music lover’s paradise.

Then I added all these account plus my tumblr to the menu page of my blog. I chose Eighties as the theme for my blog, and I like the way that came out. The only plug-in I added was one for twitter, that my roommate recommended to me. I did obviously create my own custom menu so that everyone would have access to my other accounts. I am happy with the way my blog came out.

I also commented on other people’s blogs in the class and am excited to get to know more about them.






Lastly I did struggle with embedding my pictures and videos on my blog. They kept appearing as just links so I fooled around with that a little a bit until I was able to figure how to do that properly. I learned a lot this week like how to customize a blog, how to use the different sites I listed previously. It has been an exciting week and look forward to learning more about digital storytelling. I am nervous that I might struggle with it but will embrace the challenge. Laceman out.