Weekly Summary of 13 and 14

This week we learned about remixes and mashups. It was difficult to distinguish the two at times. It seemed like mashups were combining multiple things without changing them too much and a remix was a deeper transformation of the original pieces. After doing work with mashups I am starting to believe that remixes are the broad category and mashups are a type of remix where less change is involved. A remix is just any type of change alteration to someone elses original work.

I did a few daily creates to try and keep focused. It was a little difficult to get work done for these remix assignments since my computer has been running very poorly. I has run very slowly and made doing assignments difficult since often times the whole page won’t load. I enjoyed doing these assignments though since I can combine different elements of things and shows that I enjoy.

My sister and I discuss some of this stuff above in a short audio recording done on Soundcloud. It was nice to get my sister involved on one of my assignments since I was home during the time I did this.

I also did the remix generator assignment which gives an old ¬†assignment from the bank and gives it a remix. In my case I had to write about a scene and do it from a different characters perspective but also write it backwards. I called the assignment Obi-Wan’s Final Battle.

I did 10 stars worth of mashup assignments. I did an assignment where you mashup 4 songs into a 10 second mashup. I made a mashup of four Killswitch Engage songs. I also did two other mashup assignments where you have to combine different images together. I combined Lord of the Rings with Star Wars in my assignment Rings of the Jedi. I also combined the Bruins old logo with the Patriots old logo in the assignment the New England BruPats.

I also created two assignments and a tutorial. I made the tutorial for my new assignment Unsuspecting Friends. This was an assignment where you take pictures of your friends when they aren’t paying attention and make a collage of it. The second assignment I made was a fan fiction assignment I called Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction. I wrote a fan fic as an example called King of the Burgers.

It was fun working on the assignments this week and creating a couple of mine also.