Weekly Summary weeks 11 and 12

For the last two weeks there was not a ton of work we had five video assignments and six daily creates. It was a lot of difficult work since the video assignments are what I struggle with the most. Safe to say this was not going to be my best week.

I did my six daily creates which I compiled into one post which you can see here.

I did the assignment Dear Sixteen Year Old Me, it was pretty straight forward just recording myself and making some suggestions to my past self to make some changes. It was as easy as just recording myself. It was a four star assignment.

I also did the connected clips assignment. I combined four clips together from the Regular show of the baby ducks. The only trouble I had with that assignment was scaling all my clips down and also ran into some copyright trouble so hopefully my video is not taken off of Vimeo like it was for YouTube. It was a four and a half star assignment.

I saw the Numa Numa assignment and saw it as chance to have some fun and relax for a little bit. It was fun to do and was also as simple as playing the Numa Numa music and recording myself rocking out to it. It was worth 2 stars.

I also did the Vine it! assignment. I saw it as a chance to try out a new app and it turned out to be cool and its nice that it can be synced with twitter. I recorded some stuff that was going on during my Saturday night but also tried to make some vines earlier in the week that I found less interesting. It was a 3 star assignment.

The last assignment was an absolute nightmare. I found it incredibly difficult to make it look like I was talking to myself. I struggled mightily making that video and my results were not very satisfying.

Overall I did 18.5 stars worth of assignments but it was a very rough week. I felt I had some successes such as the Regular show montage (minus the copyright issue) and failures such as the conversations with yourself. I am hoping I can look past this week and get ready for next week and put any failures behind me.